Style 911: “I Look Super Young. How Can I Dress More Grown Up?”

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The other day, Jessica IM’d me really upset. A manicurist had asked her if she was a student — at 27, no she was not! Jessica has a very young looking face — I know, boo f**king hoo — and is often told she looks really young for her age. But she also knows the way she dresses contributes to people assuming she’s younger than she is. Jess will be the first to admit that she loves girly touches like bows and polka dots, and color combinations — like black, red, and white — that can look costume-y. To put it into pop culture terms, sometimes Jessica dresses like she’s channeling Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl”; cute, but way to youthful for a woman Jessica’s age.

Jessica asked me for my help — how could she adjust her style so that she looked more mature? I was happy to take on the challenge and vowed to put together a bunch of outfits using many of the same pieces, from stores and sites I know Jessica likes; I also made sure to pick out items that were a nod to Jessica’s tastes (bows, red, etc.), but had a more grown-up vibe. Keep clicking to see six outfits — two for work, two for the weekend, and two date night looks. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn Jessica against me.

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