Shopping Guide: 9 Adorable Cross-Body Bags

crossbody bags g1 jpg
Amelia was mocking me this morning for my love of mini-purses, but she’ll see where she’s wrong when I smack some catcalling oaf in the face with a perfectly-sized mini-purse and she can’t! Mini-purses, besides being adorable, are perfect for a woman who knows all she needs in life is her cell phone, lip gloss and enough money to get home. No more dragging your life’s possessions around over one arm and killing your neck and shoulder blades. Suck it, hobo bags — your days are numbered.

Often, mini-purses come with long straps and are called “cross-body bags,” although that sounds too much to me like Mom carrying her valuables in a passport holder across her body at Disney World because she’s afraid of getting pickpocketed outside of Space Mountain. Instead of mini-purses or “cross-bodies,” I prefer the French-ified description: sacs. They’re little sacs! Isn’t that cute? After the jump, check out nine mini-purses/cross-bodies/sacs perfect for catcaller-smacking — or just lip gloss-holding.

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