Sarah Palin’s Ex-Aide Pens An Unauthorized Tell-All

A former aide to Sarah Palin has penned an unauthorized tell-all (i.e. juicy stuff!) and is on the hunt for a publisher.

You can stll have Sarah Palin fatigue and be just a tiny bit curious about what’s in Frank Bailey’s Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years. According to gossip blog Gawker, which obtained a copy, Bailey based the book on 60,000 emails between he and Palin. This premise sounds like it might be interesting until you read an actual email — in which Palin is allegedly complaining about having to pay for the cost of a lawyer to do a background check on her:

“ridiculous… paying for the damn McCain campaign’s attorneys to vet me!!! Unflippinbelievable. The campaign was so disingenuous, who in the heck has to pay for themselves to be vetted when they didn’t ask for it??? I didn’t hire any attorney- they did! They ran up a bill and left me with it- just like they did with the damn clothes issue. Paying out of my family’s pocket for the Flippin’ privileged of jumping on the pirate ship …”

Yup, that sounds like the Sarah Palin that I know, right down to randomly capitalized words, poor punctuation, and the use of the phrase “unflippinbelievable.”

Do I really want to read more about Sarah Palin complaining? Maybe this tell-all won’t be so dishy after all. I’ll hold out for a book by Levi Johnston, thanks! [Gawker]