12 Stars Who’ve Done “Hollywood Homely”

homely natalie portman jpg
The movie “Hesher” won’t be out until April 15, but we are excited about it for many reasons. (A) Because in it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes a Tyler Durden-ish turn as a long haired, often-shirtless wild man who befriends a kid who has lost his mom. (B) Because we’ll get to see Rainn Wilson play serious as the dad of said kid, who is uber-depressed after his wife’s death. And (C) because Natalie Portman will grace us with her presence once again this spring. However, Natalie isn’t looking as totally gorgeous as she normally does. In fact, it looks like she’s come down with a case of “Hollywood Homely.”

What exactly does that mean? Find out after the jump.

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