Radio Station Contest Gives Away Mail Order Bride As Prize

Wash your eyes after reading this post: A New Zealand radio station is on blast from human rights groups, the international community, and the entire Ukraine for announcing a “Win a Wife” contest on Valentine’s Day in which the winner is flown to Eastern Europe, with interpreters, of course, to meet the mail-order bride of his dreams. The Rock FM — whose charming tagline is “Bands, Babes, Balls ‘n Bull” — will let the guy choose a woman from the database of Endless Love, an online “matchmaking” service between Ukrainian women and Kiwi men. After two teleconferences and as much instant messaging as they can handle — all translated for free, of course — they will then fly him from New Zealand to Ukraine on March 23 with a dozen roses, 12 nights of accommodation, and $2,000 spending money.

You know, I would be more offended by this if it didn’t sound so much like the plot of “The Bachelor.”According to, the contest tantalizes listeners with this prize:

“… we’re not going to give this opportunity to just anybody … to weed out the no-hopers and time-wasters, we’ve developed the application form below. If you’re interested in holy matrimony with a potentially hot foreign chick, fill it out to the best of your abilities. If we pick you, you’ll be heading to the Ukraine with 12 nights’ accommodation with $2000 spending money to meet the lucky lady! Good luck, potential wife-wanter — if you’re what we’re looking for, we could be in touch …”

And the fine print on the new Mrs. Sleazebag? She’s a foreign bitch who knows her place. The Endless Love “matchmaking” agency describes their clientele as:

” … genuine, loving, loyal, faithfull [sic] and stunningly beautiful women … waiting for you now in Ukraine. While western culture continues to erode the values that we once treasured, like husband, wife and family life, Ukraine women have never lost these values.

Of course, within a day, an uproar ensued — a lot of people view these “matchmaking” services as a rich man’s loophole for sex trafficking. The Ukrainian Association of New Zealand filed a complaint with the New Zealand Broadcasting Authority and with Mediaworks, the company that owns The Rock, and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia fired off an angry letter to the Broadcasting Standards Authority accusing them of “indecent demonstration of low taste and cultural standards as well as utter disrespect and violation of human dignity.” The station announced on February 15 that management had an important announcement to make:

“Due to the growing concern and controversy surrounding The Rock’s latest competition ‘Win a Wife’, Rock management will be making a special on-air announcement at 5 p.m. this afternoon.”

What was The Rock’s big announcement, though? The contest changed its name from “Win A Wife” to the smart-aleck-y “Win A Trip To Beautiful Ukraine For 12 Nights And Meet Eastern European Hot Lady Who Maybe One Day You Marry.” All other aspects of the contest remained the same. The Rock’s program director, Brad King, surely thought he was being clever when he told the media last week, “Some people think it’s a little stupid, others see it as what it is, a tongue-in-cheek idea that gives someone the opportunity of a lifetime to travel on an all expenses paid trip to the Ukraine.” Right.

February 28th is the date the winner will be announced and if the Facebook group dedicated to stopping the contest by putting pressure on the radio station’s advertisers is to be believed, it has already been narrowed down to five men. Well, there were five, supposedly, but one dropped out, one was already married, and one was wanted by the police. So, now there’s two.

Oh well. The Romeos who don’t win The Rock’s contest can still take Endless Love’s “romance tour” of Ukraine next September.

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