Today’s Lady News: The Men’s Only Lawfirm

  • A law firm in Jacksonville, Florida, only takes on mens’ cases because they say the family law system is biased against fathers. Its slogan is “Men Only. Family Law Only,” which has gotten the attention of the Florida Bar Association for potential gender discrimination. The firm, which only has one female lawyer on staff, says they’re just focusing on mens’ rights, which may mean they’re focusing on “mens’ rights.” []
  • Hong Kong has launched a nude cooking show, which will be hosted by a model with no actual culinary experience. [Village Voice]
  • Womens’ shelters in Kabul, Afghanistan, are bracing themselves for new rules which they fear would put women and girls escaping abusive families at risk. [NPR]

  • Transgender woman Amber Yust of San Francisco filed a lawsuit last week against the Department of Motor Vehicles after a DMV clerk sent her a letter at her home address condemning her gender transition as “evil.” [Bay Windows]
  • A woman is planning a nurse-in at the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek, Ohio, after a female security guard asked her to breastfeed her 15-week-old daughter in the restroom of the mall. The mom refused and the security guards told her others were complaining that her breasts were “overexposed.” Breastfeeding in public is legal in Ohio, which the mall acknowledged, but said it was responding to the complaints of other patrons. [Dayton Daily News]


  • The ruling Hamas group in Gaza, Palestine, has allegedly ordered men to cease working in women’s hair salons. [Canadian Press]
  • Ghana’s Parliament discussed “indecent” dressing by its female members, prompted by a male Parliamentarian suggested a dress code for everyone after a female Parliamentarian in a “provocative” dress rose to ask him a question. [Ghana Today]
  • Tesco stores (like a European version of Kmart) are under fire for selling T-shirts that read “Sid The Sexist” and “Bird Watching,” which is a reference to the British slang word for hot women, “birds.” [UKPA]
  • Meet Eva Ekvall, the Venezuelan beauty queen who has gone bald as she is recovering from cancer. [UK Guardian]