Today In Baby News: A Kid Named “Facebook” And A Wainwright/Cohen Love Child

Congrats to Facebook, which officially has its first namesake. An Egyptian man named his baby girl Facebook Jamal Ibrahim to express his gratitude for the role the social networking site played in the revolution. That is very moving, but we hope the name doesn’t become trendy. I wonder if they’ll call her “Face” or “Book” for short. And more very important baby news after the jump.Two musical bloodlines have become one. Rufus Wainwright and Lorca Cohen (daughter of the great Leonard Cohen) have created a baby. Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen, born on February 2nd, will be raised by mom Lorca, dad Rufus, and “deputy dad” Jorn Weisbrodt, Rufus’ partner. Most importantly, she is music royalty. This arrangement, aside from being absolutely genius, bodes well for the future of folk music.

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