14 Famous Folks Who’ve Turned Down “Dancing With The Stars”

dancing jennifer beals jpg
Dancing with the Stars” will return to the airwaves soon, and we’re starting to hear whispers about which celebrities will rhumba their way into season 12. Wendy Williams has apparently put her show on hold to shake a tail feather. Bruno Mars and Brett Favre are also rumored to be suiting up for the series. But we also recently heard about one person we won’t be seeing on “DWTS.” Even though she’s famous for her moves—both of the dancing and welding variety—in “Flashdance,” Jennifer Beals has said uh-uh to participating in the show. “I am not a dancer,” she says. “You could back up a truck to my door filled with cash and I wouldn’t do it.” You tell ‘em, girl. Even though, given that Jennifer Grey of “Dirty Dancing” won last season, Beals would definitely be a favorite to win.

There’s another reason Jennifer isn’t doing the show—she once visited the set to cheer on pal Marlee Matlin. “The sound of the audience is so loud and the energy in there is so intense,” Beals said. “I wanted to start crying just in feeling for her. I joked with Marlee and said, ‘You don’t know how lucky you are you can’t hear this.’ The noise level is so intense and people’s excitement level is so intense. I could never.” [People]

After the jump, more celebs who turned down “Dancing with the Stars.”

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