Quickies: Miley’s Mad At Blabby Billy Ray & Ivanka Trump’s Fame-Whore Stalker

Jessica Wakeman | February 18, 2011 - 8:00 pm
  • Miley Cyrus is reportedly “furious” that her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, blabbed to GQ about how the success of “Hanna Montana” “destroyed” his family. You might even say she’s got an achy breaky heart. [Celebuzz]
  • Lady Gaga is on the “drunk diet.” Um, I think the Frisky staff is on that diet, too. [PopEater]
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: back on again? Those two are drama with a capital “D.” [The Superficial]

  • The royal wedding invitations for Kate Middleton and Prince William are out! Yours is in the mail. [People]
  • Kathie Lee Gifford checked out Joan Rivers’ $25 million New York City apartment, which is on the market, and brought TV cameras along. [PopEater]
  • Pete Wentz is sans wedding ring, but he is rockin’ a fro. And he also thought Ashlee Simpson partied too much while he was on the road. [TMZ, The Superficial]
  • James Franco, with whom I have a tumultuous love/hate relationship, has officially joined Twitter! Should I follow him? [Twitter.com/JamesFranco]
  • Ivanka Trump’s stalker, Justin Massler, sent an email to Jonathan Cheban, a publicist and reality show star on “The Spin Crowd,” asking for help on how to get famous. “I’m partially worried about jail, but the real thing I’m concerned about is my reputation,” Massler wrote. [TMZ]
  • Heidi Montag is thinking of writing a “supernatural romance novel.” [PopEater]
  • How to politely tell someone they are wearing too much perfume. [The Gloss]