“Wonder Woman” Revealed: Who Is Adrianne Palicki?

We’ve been hearing about David E. Kelley’s reboot of “Wonder Woman” for months now, with the exception of one vital fact—who will be playing the all important title role. We suggested everyone from Katy Perry to Christina Hendricks, but it looks like Kelley had his eye on someone else—Adrianne Palicki of “Friday Night Lights.” Adrianne is supposedly the only actress he tested for the role, and we highly approve of this choice. Adrianne has the right dark hair/blue eyes look, and we have a feeling she can kick some serious butt. Plus, Lynda Carter agrees—shortly after the casting announcement was made, she tweeted, “Congratulations Adrianne!” [Huffington Post]

So what makes her so awesome? After the jump, everything you need to know about her.

  • Adrianne was born in Toledo, Ohio. In high school, she ran track and field and was runner up for Homecoming Queen. She says she felt fated to get the role on “FNL” because her school colors were the same as Dylan High’s. [Winchester Bros]
  • Adrianne says she was a geek growing up and that she loved comic books. But “Wonder Woman” was never her favorite. “I personally fell in love with Supergirl because it was somebody that I wanted to be,” she said. “I was this awkward young kid. Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, was always my hero. Still is.” [IESB]
  • In fact, she has a Supergirl tattoo on her hip. [PopEater]
  • Adrianne decided to skip college to head to New York and try to make it as an actress. “I went broke and had to go back to Ohio,” she said. “Then I moved to L.A. Two years later, I started working.” [IESB]
  • Adrianne, of course, first came to our attention playing Tyra Collette on “FNL.” Her character starts out as the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Tim Riggins—lucky!—but went on to have a sweet, unlikely relationship with Landry. “At first, I thought, ‘Oh, Tyra’s the slutty character. She’s the bad girl,’” Adrianne said. “But, the thing that [executive producer] Pete Berg wanted to bring to life was that these aren’t just ‘what you see is what you get’ characters. They’re in-depth. The reason that my character is a little bit of a tramp, and is a little cynical, comes from somewhere, which you find out later. So, the fact that it wasn’t going to be a stereotype is what drew me to the character.” [Winchester Bros]
  • But “FNL” wasn’t Adrianne’s first role. After bit parts on “Smallville” and “North Shore,” she played Jessica Moore on “Supernatural”—the doomed girlfriend of Jared Padelicki (who, by the way, has a very similar last name) who’s offed by a demon in the show’s pilot. [Wikipedia]
  • Adrianne hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to roles. She’s starred in two pilots that did not get picked up by networks—”Aquaman” and “The Robinsons: Lost in Space.” We also loved her in the series “Lone Star,” where she played the wife of a Texas con man leading a double life—and were pissed it was canceled after two episodes. [Wikipedia]
  • And she does have experience doing action—she kicked butt in “Legion,” even though her character was eight months pregnant. “The belly that I had to wear was actually 10 pounds, which they wanted so that I’m actually running and standing like a pregnant woman would,” she said. [IESB]
  • Yes, Adrianne is as tall as she looks onscreen. She is just an inch under six feet. [Wikipedia]

What do you think—is Adrianne a good choice to play Wonder Woman?