Which Names Get Laid The Most?

Beware of guys named Chris, Charles, Dennis, and James. According to a new study from SmartDate.com, dudes with names that end in the letter ‘s’ tend to be “players”—their word, not mine. Guys with these names have more sexual partners in their lifetime than others—while the average guy in the study has slept with 5.2 partners, these guys have had sex with more like 10 or 11. Ditto for Matts and Lukes. Apparently, you’re better off finding an Edward, Dylan, Frank, or Jason—who, according to the survey, have only had a single partner. Unless of course, more experience is what you’re after.

Oh, but they did the same analysis on ladies’ names, too. For woman, it’s names that end with an ‘a’ that get the most booty, with Vanessas, Angelas, Tamaras, and Dianas topping the list with 10 partners a piece. Poor Jeans and Dorothys—their names ranked at the bottom of the list in terms of sexual partners. Maybe because they sound over the age of 80? [SmartDate]