The 12 Craziest Examples Of Celeb Lady TMI

Crazy Examples Of Celeb Lady TMI

There was a time not so long ago when famous folk wanted to create the illusion that they were NOT “just like us.” Grace Kelly was never photographed buying jumbo packs of toilet paper! Audrey Hepburn describing where she was the day Aunt Flo first came to visit? HA! Nowadays many female stars, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, are eager to overshare about their private bodily business.


If only JLH had taken a cue from Audrey Hepburn (who she once played in TV movie), we wouldn’t have had to endure news of her vajazzling habits for the last two years. At this point, we will never forget that she is responsible for the ridiculous trend, which includes encrusting one’s pubic area with crystals. But we really wish she would stop talking about it already. She’s forever marring her brand. At last week’s Upfronts for “The Client List,” she told red carpet reporters that she was vjazzled for the special occasion: “I’m full of good energy [down there]” she overshared. Ugh. Make it stop. From bikini waxing and colonics to anal bleaching. Here are some other examples of crazy celeb TMI. [Celebitchy]

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