7 Theories About Lady Gaga’s Horns

We’ve already established that Lady Gaga is a trendsetter. From meat to egg, she always leaves us wondering what she’ll think of next. Horns. Yep. Gaga’s favorite new accessory of choice is the horn. She debuted her facial horns on the cover for her new single “Born This Way” and has continued to sport them on her face and body during television appearances including Jay Leno and “Good Morning America.” Everyone’s talking about whether they’re real or not. She has declined to comment. I personally don’t really care whether they are implants or prosthetics, I just want to know WHY. There’s usually a method to Gaga’s madness, but she hasn’t revealed her master plan yet. After the jump, some theories about what’s up with Lady Gaga’s horns. Add yours in the comments.

  1. She’s horny. Sorry. Had to.
  2. Gaga has accepted a new role as as spokesperson and advocate for the body modification community.
  3. She’s collaboration collaborating with Matthew Barney on a new project.
  4. Luc Carl is the devil and she’s communing with him.
  5. She’s launching a campaign for the role of the Evil Stepmother in the “Snow White” remake.
  6. This is her way of revealing that she’s half billy goat.
  7. The announcement of her new alter ego is just moments away.