Feel Sexy, Even When Your Tampon Is Leaking

So, yesterday, I ruined what I estimate to be my 57th pair of panties and stained a perfectly good pair of pajama bottoms when my tampon had a major leak. It was not a very sexy moment. But it could have been, if I had only been wearing a pair of Sexy Period panties! These very real, very purchasable undergarments are sold with three absorbent, leak-resistant layers built in, that way, if your ‘pon leaks, the spill will be soaked up by the crotch fabric. No ruined clothing! No public embarrassment! Just a super sexy bloody mess in your pants that’s your little secret. Sexy Period panties come in three styles (cheeky, hipster, and bikini) and colors — Friday NIght Fabulous (black), Blossoming Beauty (purple, with watercolor floral), and Simply Stunning (purple) — but the inner fabric is always black so the stains never show. That way, even if Aunt Flo has gone rogue, “you can still give off that every-girl-is-dying-to-be-you vibe.”

In all seriousness, I think undies that serve as backup protection when you’ve got your period is actually kind of genius idea — in fact, I am seriously jealous I didn’t think of it — I just think the name is stupid. Some things are not meant to be sexy — like sitting in a pool of your own menstrual blood. [$36-$44, Sexy Period via The Gloss]