Who Is Calling Michelle Obama Fat?

Michelle Obama? Fat? The woman whose toned upper-arms have headlined the 10 o’clock news? Who would dare say such a thing? In a cartoon on a conservative web site called BigGovernment.com, the First Lady and the president are depicted chowing down on dinner — she with a pile of hamburgers and French fries and he with a few lettuce leaves. The joke here, I guess, is that she’s a hypocrite because she actually eats junk food sometimes? I don’t get the joke. What’s offensive about the cartoon, though, is how Michelle Obama is drawn with pudgy jowls, and bulging arms, and snaps at Barack, “Shut up and pass the bacon!” According to the media watchdog group Media Matters For America, a previous version of the cartoon that appeared online had Michelle saying, “Shut up and pass the lard!” The cartoonist, if pressed, would say it’s just a caricature. Barack, after all, is drawn with big ol’ ears, much the way George W. Bush was drawn by cartoonists. I’m not buying it. “Fat” and “Michelle Obama” are two words that doesn’t even make sense in the same sentence together. No, I smell petty name-calling. The worst way you can insult a woman is to call her or depict her as “fat,” especially if she’s a woman widely recognized to be beautiful. And if that’s the funniest punchline of your cartoon that you could find? Maybe it’s time to find some new material. [Media Matters for America]