Quickies: Rihanna Accused Of Stealing & Another Taylor Swift Song Inspiration Revealed

Jessica Wakeman | February 15, 2011 - 8:00 pm

  • The artiste David LaChapelle has accused Rihanna of ganking images in her music video for “S&M” that are “directly derived” from his own works. LaChapelle claims RiRi stole eight images of his, including one of her posing with candies on her tongue. Uh oh, LiLo alert! [Fox 411, Vogue UK]
  • Attention Twihards! A new but terribly unexciting photo from “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” has been released. Yawn. [Hollywood Hiccups]
  • Anna Wintour doesn’t ride the elevators with the unwashed masses. As if! [Styleite]
  • A full 10 seconds of shirtless Justin Bieber appears in his new movie, “Never Say Never.” (So we hear.) He is 16-years-old. Where is the outrage?! Hello, double standard! [Salon]

  • Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted” is apparently about Adam Young from Owl City, who took to his blog last night to pen her a very public Valentine’s Day note. [Dlisted]
  • A woman in Malaysia saved her husband’s life by attacking the tiger that wanted to eat him with her giant, wooden soup spoon. Yeah, soup spoons are really scary when used as a weapon. [Time]
  • Sheyla Hershey, a model who held the record for the world’s biggest boobs until her implants were removed for her own safety, allegedly tried to commit suicide because she was so distraught. I’ve been following the sad story of Sheyla Hershey and her 38KKK breasts for awhile now. This alleged suicide attempt is a sad turn for a woman whose self-worth apparently hinges on the size of her mammaries. Get well soon, Sheyla. [The Sun UK]
  • Following an infectious respiratory outbreak this weekend, the famed grotto at the Playboy Mansion is being investigated by the Health Department. You’e been warned, kiddies. [TMZ]
  • Did Brad Goreski steal Demi Moore as a client from Rachel Zoe? Watch out, Brad. Rachel looks like she’d stab a bitch. [Styleite]
  • Oh, look, a photo of Charlie Sheen holding small children. There’s an excellent idea. Next you’ll be telling me he’s getting his airplane license. [TMZ]
  • The cast of MTV’s “Skins” stripped for Elle magazine. Not that kind of stripping. They’re barely legal, remember? [Oh No They Didn’t]
  • Courtney Love cleans up real good when she wants to. Look, she’s standing upright! [TMZ]
  • Experiment time: Is it easier for a guy or a girl to crash Fashion Week? [Yahoo Shine]
  • Their lives are so hard: here are a bunch of celebs looking pissed off at fashion shows. [Crushable]