If Tonya Harding Can Come Out On Top, So Can You

It seems like just yesterday Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding’s husband hired a “hit man” to take out Nancy Kerrigan’s shins with a crowbar at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships (and Tonya tried to help cover up the crime). Actually, that was in 1994, which means I’m old. But I digress. What followed the crowbar heard ’round the world was Tonya’s slow and excruciating spiral down the drain. It seemed like the rabbit hole she had fallen in was bottomless.There was the sex tape, the attempted acting career, the alleged claim that she was held at gun point, the stolen vehicle, the near fatal car accident, the domestic violence charges, the second car accident (this time she was under the influence), the alleged assault on her property by armed vigilantes, and finally the boxing career. And I left some stuff out because I was getting exhausted. How the hell do you recover from a life story like that? I thought — as most of us probably did — that Tonya Harding was karmically doomed for all eternity. I was wrong.

The latest on Tonya is that at age 40 she is happily married with a baby boy on the way. Miracle of miracles, Tonya clawed her way back up. Take heart people. For anyone who has experienced hardship in life — that’s all of us — let Tonya Harding be our inspiration. Life knocked her down, but it didn’t knock her out. If Tonya can win in life, anyone can. [People]