Ask The Mega Man Panel: Wide-Leg Jeans

Ladies, don’t ever think guys don’t care about what you wear. When I asked my guy friends to give their opinions on a few lady-specific fashions, they were more than happy to offer their thoughts. Oh man, did they have some feelings about the clothes we wear. Major feelings. First up, I asked them about wide-leg jeans, which are on trend for spring 2011. Personally, I love them, because I have short dachshund legs, and I feel like they elongate my stumps. I’m wearing them right now! But guys? Well, that’s another story. After the jump, a mega man panel of 15 guys tell us what they think about this pair of Hudson wide-leg jeans.
Ryan, 32: Cool with me. Not like I’d notice your shoes anyway!

Logan, 27: Where you see bellbottoms, I see potential regrets.

Skye, 26: I used to love these, but now I’m afraid they provide too much room for the rogue subway rat to scurry up your leg and start nesting. Jeggings are not much better, but at least they prevent a rodent attack.

Jason, 30: If the whole hippie, love child, summer music festival, wide-leg, bell-bottom, bare midriff thing is coming back, I’m into it. Way into it. The “skinny jean” needs a new opponent, one with a wide stance and a sturdier base. These are a true contender.

Andrew, 40: These jeans should only be worn as an everything repellent.

Blaise, 28: I guess I’m supposed to dislike this, but she has an amazing stomach. I wish they didn’t cut her in half. I’m not really sure what the problem is.

Andy, 30: Alterna-norm having a night out on the town. Drinks at Pianos [NYC bar/music venue] followed by a Jack Johnson concert.

Mike, 32: Gangstas aren’t the only ones to wear baggy pants to hide guns and contraband. Now that ankle holster is virtually invisible. Pretty ironic, don’t ya think, hippies?

Michael, 30: Killer Jncos!

Scott, 30: These look like something Jennifer Aniston might work in a terrible romantic comedy where she plays a free-spirited bohemian who is actually boring and stuck-up. They’re sort of like stilt-walker jeans–in other words, perfect for circus performers. I do like how they cover up whatever expensive shoes you’re wearing, though. It’s a SHOE MYSTERY.

Jesse, 33: This is the type of thing that makes me say S-R-S-L-Y out loud. While you may have seen pictures of your mom when she used to frequent sex parties at Studio 54 and thought she looked amazing wearing pants like this, this modern day hack of that look is just that — a hack attempt at being fashionable.

Jeff, 32: Hate ‘em. They remind me of the pants girls (um, and guys) were wearing at a Phish concert I went to in 1997. I feel like the wide-leg thing is being forced on us prematurely because everyone already has all the skinny jeans they need. Don’t rush us, fashion industry! Ladies, stick with pants that give guys at least a general idea of how your legs are shaped.

James, 29: Less awkward scramble in the bedroom. They come off easier than skinny jeans.

Jeffery, 30: I don’t like these jeans at all. Like two skirts sewn to each leg. Were the designers daring each other to somehow incorporate the largest possible obtuse angle in the legs? All that expensive extra fabric selfishly covering some rich person’s tiny little legs and there are people freezing to death out on the street. I hate these.

Gabriel, 35: Well, obviously this lady has great legs. Why is she hiding them? Also, I’m worried about what sorts of small animals might be living up there. Fortunately, we’ll be able to hear this one swooshing towards us from blocks away.