Was Anyone Else Deeply Disturbed By The Latest Episode Of “Jersey Shore”?

I know I am late to the “Jersey Shore” bashing party, but I got a little bit behind on my television watching last week. Can we please talk about the latest episode? You know, the one in which Ronnie verbally abused and physically threatened Sammi and, oh, destroyed all of her stuff. While I normally find the goings on at the shore house on the entertaining side of disturbing, I think this episode was just disturbing-disturbing. I was left feeling uncomfortable watching Sammi and Ronnie’s latest domestic dispute turn dangerously violent. In my opinion, it was unethical for producers to allow the cameras to roll when Sammi was in danger.

I am aware that Sammi was in no way an innocent in this situation. I mean, she punched the guy in the face a couple of weeks ago. She definitely needs help as well. But she does not deserve to be called all of the vile names Ronnie used. She does not deserve the implied threats. And above all, she does not deserve the destruction of her property. Ronnie’s an abusive and violent man and I was concerned that he would destroy more than Sammi’s glasses if she stayed in that house a moment longer. I was scared for her safety, but it seemed like nobody else was.

Why didn’t anyone in the house, anyone on the crew, anyone at MTV, try to intervene with some real help? The cast members restrained the pair like rabid animals, but that shouldn’t have been their responsibility. The cops should have been called and Ronnie should have been sent to sweat out his Xenadrine rage behind bars. Even worse was the choice to air the dispute. I’m concerned that young people will see it and think that it’s OK to treat anyone, including someone you supposedly love, like that. Where was the disclaimer at the end? Where was the domestic violence hotline? I am outraged.

Am I overreacting or did you feel like last week’s episode was too violent for TV? Share your thoughts in the comments.