The Best & Worst Boobs At The 2011 Grammy Awards

grammy boobs g1 jpg
Some of the music industry’s best boobs were out in full force at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, and we at The Frisky Institute for Boob Analysis—which previously studied the breasts on display at the SAG Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Emmy Awards—have painstakingly poured over the bunch. Katy Perry, who I think may just have the best breasts in all of pop music, didn’t disappoint with this crystal encrusted bra top. In truth, I actually hate her outfit, but my distaste was quickly overpowered by the vision of her luscious, milky cleavage. So typical.

After the jump, we show you some of the best boobs of the evening—and some of the least boob-flattering dresses on the red carpet.

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