UPDATE: L.A. TV Reporter Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke During Grammy Coverage

CBS LA reporter Serene Branson was hospitalized after suffering a stroke during an on-air Grammy segment in which she suddenly began speaking gibberish. Thanks to commenter pereiraj for pointing out that Branson’s condition was the result of a stroke — had I known that at the time that I prepped and posted the original post, I would not have joked. (The original post remains after the jump, as is our policy when issuing corrections.) We wish Branson a swift and speedy recovery. [Telegraph UK]

UPDATE: According to a rep for KCBS, Branson is not believed to have suffered from a stroke. An ambulance was called and she was examined by paramedics at the scene, but she wasn’t hospitalized, as previously reported.. “Her vital signs were normal,” said the rep. “As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home, and she says she is feeling fine this morning.” Glad to hear it! [LA Times]
PREVIOUS POST: Last night’s Grammy Awards were surprisingly entertaining, what with Arcade Fire pulling out an “Album of the Year” win, Dr. Dre showing up to perform with Rihanna and Eminem, and Lady Gaga hatching from an egg to perform “Express Yourself” “Born This Way.” So it’s no wonder local CBS LA reporter Serene Branson got a little tongue-tied when reporting on the show life from Staples Center. I’m pretty sure if you listen to the audio backwards, she says, “Rock-and-roll is dead.” [Popdust]