6 Reasons To Watch The Grammys

It’s mid-February and award season malaise is already hitting us hard. With the Oscars so close on our radars, it’s hard to get too exited about Sunday night’s annual Grammy Awards. Bashing the Grammys is something of a sport—when the nominations were bestowed in December, we noted how ridiculous it is that many classic albums of 2010 wouldn’t be considered because they dropped after the September 30th deadline and that the nominees in the rock/metal/hard rock categories seemed straight out of the ’90s. But still, you should still watch because, well, you should. After the jump, five SIX! reasons not to miss the Grammy Awards.

  1. Naturally, the Recording Academy has lined up some pretty great performers. Many of our favorites of the year—Arcade Fire, Cee Lo Green, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry—will all be taking their turns on stage. [Grammy]
  2. We’ll also get performances from our old favorites, like Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand and Mick Jagger, performing for the first time at the event. (Maybe we’ll be able to gauge his package size?) Here’s hoping the icons combine with the newbies in unusual ways, the way Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks were paired last year—even if it was off-key, it was fun. The fact that Jennifer Hudson is opening the show with a tribute to Aretha Franklin is a pretty good indication that this is the direction the Academy is going. [WDEF]
  3. With 11 nominations, it’s bound to be Eminem’s night—the culmination of his Recovery comeback. If you liked his pro-Detroit Chrysler ad during the Super Bowl last week, you will want to see him walk away with a few golden gramophones.
  4. The Ramones will be getting a Lifetime Achievement Award. Though the fact that all three founding members are dead kind of makes me want to be sedated.
  5. Apparently, more than 50 percent of this year’s nominations went to artists and bands supported by independent labels rather than the majors. It’s a sign the awards show is stepping into the 21st century. [NPR]
  6. Lady Gaga will debut “Born This Way” live. And she’ll probably be looking to top the infamous VMAs meat dress. That’s reason enough for us to watch! [WDEF]