3 Actors Who’ve Played Cupid On-Screen

Cupid. The nude little guy with the bow and arrows who goes around shooting people and making them fall in love. On Valentine’s Day, he’s everywhere. But interestingly, Hollywood hasn’t given him that much play over the years. I set out today to bring you 10 stars who’d played Cupid on the big or small screen. And only came up with, uh, three. So, after the jump, three dudes who’ve played the god of desire and erotic love. Maybe some producer out there will be inspired to start developing something a little more substantial in this genre.

Before he was Ari Gold, Jeremy Piven played Trevor Hale, a Chicago dude who’s carted into a psych ward because he thinks he’s Cupid. He says he’s been exiled by Zeus as punishment and must set up 100 couples before he can go back to Mt. Olympus. Only, his psychologist begins to think he might possibly be for real.

In 2009, ABC decided to take another stab at the “Cupid” concept, this time with Sarah Paulson as the psychiatrist and Bobby Cannavale as Trevor Hale. It didn’t make it to a second season.

In the teen flick “You’re So Cupid,” two sisters discover that their dad is Cupid, and that he’s made them both fall in love with the same guy. In this one, Brian Krause—more commonly known as “Leo on Charmed”—plays Cupid, err Daniel Valentine.

Can you think of any other actors who’ve played Cupid? Am I missing someone?