The Public Battle Over Mick Jagger’s Penis Size Rages On

When Keith Richards’ book, Life, came out last year, everyone zeroed in on two short sentences: “Marianne Faithfull had no fun with [Mick Jagger’s] tiny todger. I know he’s got an enormous pair of balls—but it doesn’t quite fill the gap.” Mick was apparently very mad about the slight. Ever since, the women he’s slept with have been stepping forward to refute the statement. Jerry Hall, Mick’s ex-wife, was of course one of the loudest voices. “Mick is very well endowed. I should know—I was with him for 23 years,” she said. “Keith is just jealous.”

Now, finally, Marianne Faithfull has something to say on the issue. A journalist actually asked her if the “tiny todger” comment was correct. “Not quite, but nearly,” she said. Ouch!

Marianne was further pressed on the issue, and was asked if Mick was selfish in bed. “No comment,” she said. “But it would be unrealistic to expect him to share. He isn’t like that.”

Now can we all just stop talking about Mick’s nether-regions, please?

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