A Valentine’s Day Love Letter To Myself

For Valentine’s Day, instead of waiting for love letters that’ll never come—who sends those anymore, anyway?—we decided to practice a little self-love in the name of St. Valentine by writing them to ourselves. We invite you to do the same in the comments. Amelia, Jessica, and Kate have already shared theirs. Today is Ami’s turn …
This seemed much easier to do when you agreed to it. Now you feel lame, but you are going to do it anyway. Let’s use that as our jumping off point, shall we? OK, here goes.

This Valentine’s Day, I would like to commend you for being scared of things and doing them anyway. Whether that be writing yourself a public love note (embarrassing) or confronting your issues head on (just dark). You are a very courageous person. People may not always see that outwardly because you maintain a very unflappable facade. But sometimes things that you make seem effortless are in fact, very difficult. But you don’t let yourself weasel out of them, you don’t give yourself permission to quit, you challenge yourself to tackle everything 100 percent. In fact, you don’t do anything half-ass. It’s either all or nothing. That’s hot.

I admire your continuity as a person. Your ability to stay the course even when the course is treacherous. Your ability to find hope in the world, when there seems to be none. Your ability to find the humor in almost anything and the practice of not taking life too seriously. You are a solid person. Solid to your friends and loved ones, and becoming more solid to yourself everyday. You have so much integrity. I’m in awe sometimes of how you follow through on everything you set out to do simply by working hard and letting your intuition be your guide. You always follow your gut, and it has taken you far. You have created a great life for yourself and you did it all by yourself. That is something to be damn proud of.

March on soldier. And keep kicking ass.