Tear! The Series Finale Of “Friday Night Lights” Is Here. Kind Of.

So, this is kind of awkward. While I just excitedly heard the news that the fifth and final season of “Friday Night Lights” will be starting on NBC on April 15, and am still drooling over this 30-second promo video, anyone who has DirecTV witnessed the show’s season finale last night. Now, I had told myself that I was going to read the episode summaries and reviews of the show’s final episode this morning and write something about it today. But I just can’t bring myself to do it and ruin the whole season for myself. This was as far as I got—the first paragraph of The Daily Beast review, before the dreaded “spoiler alert” warning, which tells me that “the series finale gave its characters the happy endings—or new beginnings—that they so desperately deserved.” Does that mean that Tim Riggins packs up his truck and comes to meet me in New York? Us normal folk who don’t have DirectTV and can’t see into the television future will just have to wait until April 15 to start watching season five. Although on April 5, you do have the option of cheating a bit—that’s the day the new season will be released on DVD. And I am just obsessed enough with this show to pay $50 to start watching it 10 days early.

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