Brad Pitt As Daddy Warbucks?

I was a tad bit concerned when I heard that Will Smith was looking to do a remake of my favorite childhood musical, “Annie,” with his daughter Willow Smith whipping her hair as the iconic orphan. Willow is keeping quiet about the project and when recently asked about it on “Access Hollywood,” demurred, “You’re just going to have to wait.” But there is one detail she let slip. She said that her ideal Daddy Warbucks would be none other than … Brad Pitt. After all, he does have experience with adoption.Brad may be a decent singer and I bet he could do a great captain of industry knight-in-shining-armor routine, but he just isn’t nearly old or world-weary enough to play grouchy Daddy Warbucks. Plus, Brad’s way too hot. I’m a little nervous about what he’d look like chrome-domed, a la Albert Finney in the original.

In other news, guess who is being courted to direct this movie? Ryan Murphy of “Glee” fame. That, to me, seems like a great choice to direct the musical, which will have new tunes and arrangements courtesy of Jay-Z.

What do you think—yay or nay on Brad as Daddy Warbucks? And are you excited or terrified for this movie in general?