Valentine’s Day Must Be Hell For The Polyamorous

It’s hard enough scrambling to find Valentine’s Day gifts (especially if you’re a cheap and lazy lover), booking reservations for a prix fixe dinner, and trying to make the night as special at St. Hallmark has deemed it to be. But imagine if you had to do that with multiple people. I will complain no more, the polyamorous have it much worse on Valentine’s Day. I actually felt bad for some of the polyamorous couples featured in an article entitled “How to Handle Valentine’s Day When You’re Polyamorous.” For example, Dr. Patti Evans is married to a man, but they are involved with another couple, and she has another boyfriend on the side. “We’re getting together with our ‘poly couple’ on the 12th, and the 13th will be spent with my paramour and the 14th will be with my husband … My slogan is ‘Love is limitless, but time is not,'”she says. Geez, that’s practically like speed dating. Another poly dude weighed in on the V-Day gift-giving conundrum. “Women have a stronger emotional connection to Valentine’s Day,” he said. “For guys, it’s just a day to comply with what’s expected. So when you’re dating seven women, you have to make seven women feel special.” Sounds a lot like Hannukah, a gift for every day of the week. To all of our poly friends out there, we wish you luck this week. You’re going to need it. [AOL]