Today’s Lady News: The House Takes Aim At Planned Parenthood

  • Republicans in the House of Representatives have proposed in a draft of a bill that $327 million be cut in funding for Planned Parenthood. The funding does not go towards abortion, but instead towards other family planning services, like birth control and cancer screenings. [Mother Jones]
  • Meet the ladies who were computers — a job title, not a gadget — during World War II. [CNN]

  • A Planned Parenthood in the Bronx was targeted in a fake “pimp and ho” sting by an anti-abortion group. [New York Times]
  • Is Rick Santorum — the former Pennsylvania senator who is eyeing a Republican presidential nomination — sexist? Take a look at what he said about Sarah Palin. [Time]
  • An open letter to Lady Gaga from a fan and fellow feminist. [Feministing]
  • Have you ever felt excluded due to your lack of girly knowledge? [Already Pretty]

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