Beauty Test Drive: The Body Deli Dark Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub

I love eating chocolate. I love smelling chocolate. And now, after using The Body Deli’s dark chocolate truffle body scrub, I love bathing in it, too. The dark chocolate truffle body scrub (exclusively available in Feb.), sloughs off skin just as vigorously as their pumpkin body scrub. The African shea, organic cocoa and organic virgin coconut butter leaves softer parts of my body, like my belly and my butt, feeling touchable and smooth. But I really love how my dry and scaly feet feel almost instantly prettier! My mother thought the dark chocolate smell was too pungently like “food,” but that wasn’t a problem for me. Chocolate might not be the first scent you’d think would be ideal for the shower, but on cold winter nights when I need my perks wherever I can find them, this dark chocolate scrub did it for me. Boys, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that isn’t “super-serious commitment extraganza,” but one that’s thoughtful which she can use over and over, The Body Deli’s dark chocolate truffle scrub is it! [$32, The Body Deli]