Today’s Lady News: Ohio Lawmaker Suggests No Abortion If You Can Hear A Heartbeat

  • Lynn Wachtmann, a Republican state representative from Ohio, will introduce a “Heartbeat Bill” on Wednesday that will criminalize abortion after the first detectable fetal heartbeat. [KFOR]
  • The CEO of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, said more women would add color and beauty to his boardroom. Because that’s what we’re here for: to look pretty for you, sir. [Sky News]
  • Barriers keeping women from scientific fields include the pressure to balance a career and family and discouragement from an interest in science at a young age, according to a new study out of Cornell University. [UPI]

  • Wyoming’s state House of Representatives gave preliminary approval on a bill yesterday which would require doctors to tell women they could look at an ultrasound of their fetus before an abortion. [KULR]
  • Watch out, pregnant mommies! The Disney-fication of your kid’s childhood could start in the maternity ward, as that’s the next place Disney is looking to expand its Disney Baby wares. [New York Times]
  • Another woman has died from a “butt implant” procedure performed in a hotel by someone who was not an accredited plastic surgeon. [New York Daily News]
  • Meet the Christian anti-pornography crusaders. Clearly, these people are needed at Amelia’s house. [Ha! — Editor] []
  • In response to an anti-abortion group’s sting operation that filmed a Planned Parenthood employee giving queasy advice to an actor who claimed to be a pimp for underage prostitutes, PP has announced it will retrain thousands of staff members on how to deal with minors and will fire anyone who breaks the rules. The clinic employee who was secretly filmed in the sting operation has since been fired. [New York Times]
  • A pregnant woman was beaten to death yesterday outside a Philadelphia traffic court. [The Grio]
  • Check out this interesting story about Jewish and Muslim women who meet monthly in Los Angeles to discuss their faiths. [Los Angeles Times]
  • “For Colored Girls” is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray! [Black Voices]
  • Lady Gaga is bringing cholas back to pop culture — what do we think about it? [Racialicious]
  • The world’s tallest model — named Amazon Eve, duh — will host a charity event at the Playboy Mansion to raise money for autism research. Wow, there is so much to unpack from that sentence. [Guanabee]


  • The person who murdered Ashley Santiago, a transgender woman, was sentenced to 111 years in jail in Puerto Rico. [Queerty]
  • A Muslim woman takes issue with Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper’s “expose” on the allegedly secretly slutty lives of Muslim women. [Muslimah Media Watch]
  • The chef of London’s new Playboy Club wil be American Judy Joo, a former Morgan Stanley saleswoman who became a chef and worked under Gordan Ramsey. [BusinessWeek]