Today’s Lady News: Weekend Edition

Sometimes we nip into the prosecco a bit early on Fridays and don’t get around to our usual tasks. But fear not! I’ve complied a Today’s Lady News: Weekend Edition to get you through the weekend.

  • The landlord of Wichita, Kansas, abortion provider Dr. Mila Means is suing to prevent her from performing abortions in the space Means leases. [Washington Post]
  • The WiFi on the British Columbia ferry service, BC Ferries, blocks access to web sites about sex education and abortion, in addition to pornography and hate sites (which seems a tad more reasonable to block on public transit). [Vancouver Sun]
  • A bill requiring abortion providers to offer patients ultrasound images of their fetuses before terminating a pregnancy has passed the health and human services committee of Arizona’s state House of Representatives. [KPHO]

  • Green Bay Dressed Beef of Wisconsin agreed to pay $1.65 million to 960 women in a gender discrimination lawsuit. Each woman will receive approximately $1,700 in back wages, interest and benefits. []
  • Bills that would have given constitutional rights to fetuses and required ultrasounds before abortions failed in the Education and Health Committee of Virginia’s state Senate on Thursday. [WKTR]
  • Why do two out of every five pregnancies in New York City end in abortion? [New York Times]
  • A young, black couple with three children reveals why an open marriage works for them. [Black Voices]
  • The actress Candice Bergen and “Murphy Brown” creator Diane English spoke to a panel in San Fransisco this week about the show’s impact on women and pop culture. I think I can honestly say that watching “Murphy Brown” with my mom as a kid influenced my becoming a feminist. [TresSugar]

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