Kate Moss And Jamie Hince Are Gettin’ Hitched

Awww. Kate Moss is getting married to her boyfriend, Jamie Hince of The Kills. The word no the street is that he proposed Tuesday night while the two were in bed, and surprised her with a 1920s vintage engagement ring. They celebrated with a romantic dinner the next night. The wedding is set for July 2nd, and Kate’s eight-year-old daughter will be a bridesmaid. Cute!

After the jump, some fitting gifts for this pair.

  • A cake iced with cocaine instead of powdered sugar.
  • Tall fur boots in white, so Kate can wear her favorite footwear down the aisle. Oh, and a fur tux for him.
  • A plum orchard, since Kate loves making plum jam so much.
  • A chandelier for their house made of cigarette butts.
  • Food!
  • A decked out tour bus, for when they inevitably go on tour together. Hey, Kate is working on an album.
  • Matching shirts. Hers will read “I Could Have Ended Up With Pete Doherty.” His will read “My Wife Has Been On The Cover Of British Vogue 30 Times.”
  • A get-of-jail-for-drug-possession-free card.
  • A restraining order to keep Pete Doherty out of their hair.

Are you happy these two are getting hitched?