9 Bands Of Exes

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In early interviews, as The White Stripes started to gain attention for their specific brand of red, black and white rock, Jack White claimed that he and bandmate Meg were brother and sister. But that wasn’t exactly true. The two were actually married. Musician Jack Gillis fell for his local Detroit bartender, Meg White, and they got hitched in 1996—he apparently took her last name. “When she started to play drums with me, just on a lark, it felt liberating and refreshing,” Jack said. “There was something in it that opened me up.”

But by 2000, the two were only getting along musically. By the time they made it big, with 2001′s White Blood Cells, they were divorced. So why the brother/sister ruse? “When you see a band that is two pieces, husband and wife … you think, ‘Oh, I see,’” explained Jack White. “When they’re brother and sister, you go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You care more about the music, not the relationship.” [Houston Press, Wikipedia]

In honor of The White Stripes, who are officially dunzo as of this week, we bring you a slideshow of other bands composed of exes.

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