This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be A Cheerleader-Free Zone

There will be something missing during Sunday night’s Super Bowl—something that’s been a part of football’s biggest event for the past 45 years. Cheerleaders! Apparently, neither the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers have them—the Steelers sent their cheerleaders packing in 1970 and Green Bay got rid of their pom-pom shakers in 1988. And the NFL has confirmed that they won’t be providing a squad to make up for the void. Well, since there won’t be a cadre of pretty women on the sidelines, this should at least make the Super Bowl cameramen a touch more creative on what to shoot before cutting to a commercial. [Daily Mail UK]Now, I’ve told you guys a zillion times how I feel about cheerleading. I wrote a book called CHEER!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders that became the inspiration for The CW’s show “Hellcats.” When it comes to college cheerleading—which is based on gymnastics and high flying acrobatics—I am all about it and see cheer as a pretty bad-ass sport. Maybe even a feminist one, since it provides an outlet for women with daredevil instincts. Pro cheerleading, however, is very different beast—it’s much more about dancing, high kicks, and booty shorts. In other words, I’m not nearly as into it.

That said—what do you think? Will you miss the cheerleaders at the Super Bowl or will you barely notice they’re gone?