Hilarious New Blog Alert: Daily Urban Legend

I’ve never told anyone this, but there’s a good chance Jim Morrison, you know, from the band the Doors, could be my father. My mom was working at a head shop in the late-’60s when Jimmy (that’s what she called him) came in and bought a year’s worth of incense. It was basically love at first sight. They were together for a short period but it eventually fizzled out because of Jimmy’s drug use (which eventually killed him in 1971). Still, my mom was a forward thinker and thought someone should carry on Jimmy’s genes, so she kept a little container of his man juice on ice for safe-keeping. In January of 1979 that little cup of frozen spunk went missing; 10 months later, I was born. My mom refuses to talk about it.Okay, so maybe I made that whole thing up (except the selling incense to Jim Morrison part — that really happened!). It’s the kind of tall tale you might find on my new favorite blog, Daily Urban Legend, in which the writer posts a new, completely fabricated story every day. Here are a few of my favorites:

Eric Stoltz worked on the movie “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” for about 3 weeks before he was replaced with Milo, the little marmalade cat. According to director Masanori Hata, in the scenes Stoltz shot, he just wasn’t frisky enough.

Despite a career of playing sexy femme fatales, film star Sharon Stone has never once had an orgasm in real life.

A botched face lift has left Burt Reynolds without the ability to produce tears or express anything resembling empathy or remorse.

My friend has a buddy that worked at the venue where Henry Rollins did a spoken word show. Apparently Rollins forgot some notebooks in the green room. Rollins sent his tour manager to the venue to get the notebooks, but in the meantime, my friend’s buddy flipped through and found that Rollins dotted every “I” with a heart. I mean, like every one was dotted with a heart. It was so weird.

The blog also takes reader submissions. Let your imagination run wild! [Daily Urban Legend]