5 Things To Know About Eduardo Cruz, Eva Longoria’s Possible New Man

Just as her divorce from Tony Parker is finalized, Eva Longoria has been spotted out and about several times with a new dude, who happens to be very easy on the eyes—Eduardo Cruz. The two were seen together outside Eva’s house on Christmas Eve. Then on Wednesday, the two were spotted at Cafe Was, watching flamenco group Sir Sultry. “Eva and Eduardo seemed to have a good time together,” a source said. “They were flirty, and held hands for a brief moment during the performance.” [Just Jared, People]

So who is this guy that Eva is maybe dating? Well, for starters, he is Penelope Cruz’s younger brother. More after the jump.

  1. Eduardo is 25 years old—so a tad younger than Eva, 35. He was born in Alcobendas, Spain. He is a singer and songwriter with two albums under his belt, Cosas Que Contar and Tu Manera. See him in action below.


  3. Eduardo says it was classical music that got him inspired to become a songwriter. He explains, “I heard a CD playing on the background. I heard something that caught my attention and I liked it. It was a classical piece, then I knew it was Mozart. This was a call for the music part of me! And in the end it has been.” [Brown Planet]
  4. In 2008, a rumor circulated that Eduardo had convinced his sisters Penelope and Monica, also an actress, to make out in his music video for “Cosas Que Contar.” The reports weren’t completely true, though. Penelope and Monica play women dubbing a lesbian porno into Spanish—but they do not lock lips. The lesbian smooch is between Penelope and actress Mia Maestro. Although, well, that’s still pretty darn creepy too. Who thinks, “I’d really like to see my sister in a lesbian make out session?” [E! Online]


  6. Speaking of Penelope, Eduardo was with her at Cedars Sinai Clinic in Los Angeles when she gave birth to her and Javier Bardem’s son. [Typically Spanish]
  7. When Eva presented at the Golden Globes in January, many wondered if she’d bring Eduardo as her date. She didn’t and instead went solo. [My San Antonio]

Do you think a younger guy like Eduardo could be a good rebound for Eva?