Shopping Guide: 10 Denim & Chambray Dresses You’ll Want To Wear This Spring

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Instead of continuing to bitch and moan about how the weather outside is terrible and depressing and that I have a overwhelming distrust of anyone who actually prefers a “wintery mix” to, say, the balmy heat of summer, I am going to focus on the positive. That lil’ groundhog guy didn’t see his shadow today, therefore predicting an early spring! I want to send Punxsutawny Phil a present. What do groundhogs eat? He deserves a treat today. Perhaps a nice bottle of champagne.

Anyway, in honor of Phil not predicting more doom and gloom, I say we look ahead to spring fashion, namely denim dresses. Hollywood has apparently been hogging the sun from the rest of the United States, because they’ve had positively amazing weather for the last month and celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Kate Bosworth have embraced the spring-like temps by rocking denim frocks. While it may be dismal outside today, in not too long, the sun will be shining and our legs will be bare — here are 10 denim dresses you can look forward to wearing when that blessed time comes.

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