Could James Franco Be The First Oscar Host To Also Win?

James Franco is getting way into the singing and dancing required for his Oscar co-hosting duties on February 27th. “This weekend we did shoot some of the pre-tape sections. Anne Hathaway and I did some dancing, some choreographed dancing, and I recorded some vocal tracks,” he said. “I had a great coach. He pulled it out of me. It really makes me want to do a musical on Broadway.” James is also excited that he’ll be able to bring his Grandma, of Funny or Die fame, to the soiree. “That’s one of the nice things about being the host is you get to invite a bunch of people,” he said. “So [my family is] all coming. Grandma is coming and she might just be on camera.” [OK Magazine]

Which brings us to an important question: while James is hosting, he’s also nominated for Best Actor in “127 Hours.” Has an Oscar host ever won a little golden guy?Apparently, the answer is yes. In 1958, David Niven hosted the Academy Awards and ended up winning for Best Actor in “Separate Tables.” This will actually be the eighth time a host has also been nominated—Walter Matthau did the double-header in 1972 and Michael Caine followed him with the double-dip a year later in 1973. So if James Franco is able to pull off a major upset and win over Colin Firth of “The King’s Speech,” he will join an elite cadre, but he won’t quite make Oscar history. [MTV]

Interestingly, there have only been a handful of hosts in Oscar history that actually had an Academy Award at home on their mantle when they stepped up for their opener: Whoopi Goldberg who won for “Ghost” in 1990 and hosted in 2002; Jack Lemmon, the host in 1985, who had two Oscars at the time; and Frank Sinatra, who hosted in 1953, a decade after collecting his award for “From Here to Eternity.” [Locate TV]

Good luck to James on Oscar night. Even if he does kinda drive me nuts.