8 Baby Gifts We’d Like To Get For Mariah Carey’s Twins

Earlier this month, Nick Cannon let it slip that Mariah Carey is due in late April. This is after accidentally revealing in December that she was, in fact, pregnant with twins. Apparently, the two aren’t letting their babies’ gender be a surprise—the word on the street is that one of their babes is a boy and the other is a girl. Basically, the have ordered the sample platter of babies.

This, of course, complicates gift gifting. After the jump, the presents we’d get for Mariah and Nick’s babies, if we were invited to the shower. Which, uh, we won’t be. Rude.

  • Baby wipes scented with Mariah’s perfumes—Luscious Pink for her and Lollipop Bling for him, since that’s the scent Nick’s proposal inspired.
  • A lifetime supply of glitter, all colors.
  • Little elf outfits so that when mom and dad dress up like idiots in Santa suits on Christmas, they can be a big, matching family.
  • Matching pink and blue butterfly nets, so they can catch pretty ones for mama.
  • A lifetime supply of Ring Pops, because of Nick’s aforementioned proposal.
  • An extremely sane nanny.
  • Matching stuffed cougars, cause that’s what their mom has been accused of being.
  • Tickets to Antigua for when they’re old enough to travel, since it’s where their mommy and daddy met.
  • Onesies printed with the words “Mariah Junior” and “Mariah Junior 2.”
  • Flower girl and ring bearer costumes, since their parents will inevitably keep renewing their vows.