Today’s Lady News: How Does Your State Fare On Abortion Rights?

  • Where does your state stand on abortion rights? This post gives a state-by-state rundown of anti-abortion bills in all 50 states. [Ms. Magazine]
  • The senior human resources manager at Toshiba America Inc. has filed a $100 million gender bias lawsuit against the company. She claims the company pays women less than men for the same job and steers men towards the promotions. I guess as a human resources manager, she would know. [Yahoo]
  • A lesbian couple who was banned from a pep rally in the Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minnesota has settled their discrimination of sexual orientation lawsuit. [Queerty]

  • A bill has been introduced in Massachusetts that would allow taxpayers to opt out of paying taxes that would go towards publicly funded abortions and instead would redirect the funds to supporting the Baby Safe Haven Law, which allows parents to drop off unwanted babies at fire stations and other designated locations. I wasn’t aware that we could not pay for things we don’t like. Can I have all the taxes I paid towards George W. Bush’s salary back? [Boston Herald]
  • Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who is expected to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2012, will be doing a fundraiser in Orlando, Florida, on February 15 to raise money for Heroic Media, which supports anti-abortion billboards. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Men’s Health magazine just launched a feminist blog?! [Ms. Magazine]
  • The plight of the female sports fan. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • Why Charlie Sheen and his lady-disrespecting antics should be bad for business … but aren’t. [Ms. Magazine]
  • ZOMG, Jane Lynch is publishing a memoir! []