“Bridesmaids”: Cinematical Genius Or Pink Fluff?

A while back, I remember asking myself, “Could Judd Apatow curate a group of women the same way he works magic with his usual guys? Or is his humor purely dude-like?” Well, it appears that he is now taking a stab at a female-focused movie, “Bridesmaids.” At first, I was a bit appalled that the female Apatow movie would, of course, be about a woman going crazy over her wedding. But now that I’m reading more about it, I’m thinking it will be much, much, much better than a “Bride Wars” redux. The movie is written by Kristen Wiig, which already makes it that much cooler. And it stars Kristen alongside Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, and Rose Byrne—all ladies I love.

UPDATE: Post now includes the movie’s trailer, after the jump…

Melissa spoke to PopWrap about “Bridesmaids” recently and couldn’t stop gushing. “It is going to blow people’s minds,” she says. “I’m telling you, it is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen in my life.” Way to build expectations.

While a bride movie feels a touch stereotypical, I do think with sharp writing and acting, it could work. After all, the experience of being a bridesmaid is insane and most of us have gone through it at least once. What do you guys think—are you looking forward to this one? [PopWrap]