12 Ways To Say “I Heart You” The Anatomically Correct Way

anatomical heart g1 jpg
Valentine’s Day is 13 days from now, but allow me to take you back, eek, 15 years to 1995, when “The Real World: London” first aired on MTV. Remember when hottie Neil, the British punk rocker with bleached blonde hair, was sent a pig’s heart with steel nails embedded through it for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of his crazy girlfriend Chrys? I have never forgotten it. Ever since, I’ve been kind of fascinated with the anatomical heart (well, human heart, not pig) as an image to communicate affection (or lack thereof). In honor of Valentine’s Day, a holiday I am highly unenthusiastic about, I’ve found 12 cool products that say “my heart beats for you” the anatomically correct way. I am buying them all for myself.
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