The 2011 SAG Awards: The 7 Most Surprising Moments

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are best known for being, well, the awards show that happens between the Golden Globes and the Oscars. But, it has a good reputation for being a predictor of who will win at the latter, which is why we watch even though awards season can get overwhelming. Luckily, last night’s show brought some highly amusing moments. After the jump, the ones that surprised us most.

  1. We totally knew that Natalie Portman would win Best Actress for “Black Swan.” But after the hubbub about her Golden Globes speech, I thought for sure she’d tone things down for the SAG Awards. But no, Natalie surprised us by dropping an expletive. “My parents who taught me to work my hardest and never be an asshole. It’s never acceptable,” she said. You tell ‘em, Nat.
  2. We also all could have seen in our crystal balls that Colin Firth was going to win Best Actor for “The King’s Speech.” But not only did he not stutter during his acceptance speech—he was also totally charming. He joked about using his SAG card to pick up chicks and ended with, “I’d like to thank security for letting me in the building.”
  3. Betty White was as charming as ever accepting the award for Best Female Actor in a Comedy for her TV Land series, “Hot in Cleveland.” She gently caressed her nude male statue and said, “You didn’t applaud when I turned 40.” Classic.
  4. Christian Bale was unreal as an aging boxer turned crackhead in “The Fighter,” so I was pleasantly surprised when the real Dicky Eklund joined him on stage to accept the award. “How do you like me now?” asked Dicky.
  5. Speaking of “The Fighter,” who knew Melissa Leo, who won Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role for her mom-in-denial, was so hot? She said in her speech, to the actresses who played her daughters in the movie, “Thank you, girls, for helping me get a man I can bring home tonight!”
  6. The show might have taken place in Los Angeles, but Julianna Margulies didn’t forget us New Yorkers, who are facing down Snowpacalypse #3 this week. When she won for “The Good Wife,” she made sure to thank “all teamsters for digging us out of the snow for the past two weeks.”
  7. I’m always amused by seeing the commercials stars did before their big breaks. So I was excited to see a whole montage of them—from Dustin Hoffman pre “The Graduate” to Marilyn Monroe, with Ken Jeong’s latest Pepto ad thrown in for good measure.

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