Sex Mustard, Albino Lipstick, Genetic Shower: 18 Revolting Terms For Sperm

Last week, we read about a woman who claimed her yogurt sample tasted like semen. We haven’t touched yogurt since then and it may take us a while before we do. The best thing to cum, er, come out of that unfortunate semen story were some fun (read as revolting) descriptives for man juice found in the comments, such as “hot phlegm” and “salty trash can water.” In case you weren’t grossed out enough already by these unappetizing descriptives, we put together a list of the some disturbing slang terms for spunk. Add yours in the comments.

  1. Fishies
  2. Ball butter
  3. Baby batter
  4. Schpeckle
  5. Man gravy
  6. Gub
  7. Sex mustard
  8. Pecker spit
  9. Shower babies
  10. D**k snot
  11. Protein shake
  12. Facial cream
  13. Liquid pearls
  14. Albino lipstick
  15. C**k fizz
  16. Pud suds
  17. Genetic shower
  18. Ball sack bolgenese
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