Trailer Park: “The Mechanic,” “Kaboom,” “From Prada To Nada”

I’m not gonna lie to you guys—this week’s movie offerings are slender. But maybe that’s a good thing since you probably need time to catch up on all the Oscar contenders anyway. Still—if you like hitmen, exorcisms, college hookups, or shopping malls, you might find something to your taste arriving in theaters this weekend. The details after the jump.

The Movie: “The Mechanic”
The Trailer: No, Jason Statham doesn’t fix cars. He kills people with extreme efficiency and makes it looks like an accident. When his mentor is axed, he goes into revenge mode, along with said friend’s son (Ben Foster).
The Hitch: There will, naturally, be a high body count on this one. But we’ll watch for the hot guys—both Jason and Ben are lovely in their own special ways.

The Movie: “The Rite”
The Trailer: “Inspired by” real events, this one is about a seminary student who agrees to go to an exorcism and ends up being roped into the darkness by a creepy priest.
The Hitch: I laughed so hard the first time I saw this preview. It looks so remarkably terrible and I can’t believe Anthony Hopkins has sunk to this level. See at your own risk.

The Movie: “Kaboom”
The Trailer: Smith is a bisexual college kid surrounded by other kids who have lots of sex and do lots of drugs. But then there’s a weird supernatural twist, possibly involving the end of the world.
The Hitch: If you like “Skins,” this movie may be your deal. And the reviews are reasonably good. But I dunno about this one.

The Movie: “From Prada To Nada”
The Trailer: Nora and Mary (Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega) are sisters in Beverly Hills who are used to spending, spending, spending. But when their dad passes away, they’re left with nothing and have to go live with relatives in East LA.
The Hitch: Wow, these girls’ father dies and the hardest part is that they can’t afford Prada anymore? While moments in this movie look cute, others seem totally shallow. And the overcast of racial stereotypes isn’t helping.