Today’s Lady News: New Mexico Introduces Parental Notification Law For Abortion

  • A state representative in New Mexico has introduced a bill that would require the parents of girls ages 17 or younger to be notified if she has an abortion. []
  • A lesbian from Uganda has gotten a temporary reprieve from being deported by the U.K. Brenda Namigadde said she could be killed if she is sent back to Uganda, where homosexuality is against the law. [BBC]
  • There’s a “Xena: Warrior Princess” conference in L.A., people! [Los Angeles Times]

  • An Air Force official has been accused of making sexual advances towards his subordinates. [AP]
  • Friend-of-The-Frisky blogger Amanda Hess at asks, how many pregnant women are in prison? []
  • A Ukrainian man is facing sex trafficking charges for allegedly forcing women to work as strippers in Detroit clubs. [Reuters]
  • Oh, good: an advertiser for MTV’s “Teen Mom 2″ has an anti-abortion agenda. [Jezebel]


  • Iraq’s government has launched a media campaign to discourage Iraqi women from marrying insurgents. Ah, the old “Lysistrata” approach. (And before you jump down my throat, yes, I know “Lysistrata” was about withholding sex, not marriage.) [NPR]
  • Britain’s largest abortion provider has asked a judge to modify a law that would allow women to take the abortion pill at home. [Bloomberg]