Don’t Tell Cookie Monster There Will Be Only 6 Kinds Of Girl Scout Cookies This Year

Unlike most of the girls I knew, I wasn’t that into being a Brownie. I thought the uniform was ugly (really, of all the colors in the world—brown?) and didn’t want to learn how to crochet in order to get a weird patch to sew onto a sash (really, sashes?). But there was one part of being a Brownie I liked—selling Girl Scout cookies. I remember walking up and down the aisles of my dad’s office bringing the promise of cookie deliciousness to his co-workers. I remember that people would take forever to study the order form before making their final selections.

Well, the decisions for Girl Scout cookie buyers this year will be much easier. There will only be six varieties of cookies to choose from in 2011.Yep, you heard that right, the Girl Scouts are streamlining their business and cutting about half of their cookie offerings. It looks like all my favorites—Thin Mints, Samoas (the caramely ones), Tagalongs (the peanut buttery ones) and Trefoils (the shortbready ones)—made the cut. But RIP other Girl Scout cookie flavors.

Oh, and did you know that Girl Scout cookie sales raise more than $714 million a year? It is pretty diabolical to get cute little girls to do your marketing and selling for you.