Why I Consider Corey And Leah Of “Teen Mom 2″ The Most Inspiring Couple On TV

It’s not often that you see an authentic love story on reality television. Which is what makes Leah Messer and Corey Simms of “Teen Mom 2” so freaking touching. Their story isn’t the traditional girl-meets-boy tale. Nope, their saga goes more like this: Girl meets boy. Boy breaks up with girl after three years. On the rebound, girl asks another boy to prom. She ends up getting pregnant—with twins—after knowing him only a month. Girl and boy decide to raise baby girls together.

Leah’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” was a multiple tissue affair.Leah and Corey are clearly just getting to know each other, but it’s also obvious that there’s something real between them. I clearly remember a moment in the episode when Leah is five months pregnant and pees her pants on her way to a friend’s house. Rather than Leah being embarrassed or Corey being grossed out, the two crack up like they have never seen anything funnier in their lives. They have a comfort with each other that’s pretty special. I mean, the guy even sells his beloved truck to have more money for his soon-to-arrive family.

But Leah is freaked out about their relationship (I mean, moving in together and having twins is a ginormous step for any couple, let alone one not old enough to legally drink) and misses her ex-boyfriend. So she pushes Corey away and eventually moves out after twins, Ali and Aleeah, are born. If you need any validation that there are good guys in this world, see the scene where Leah and Corey are driving and Leah is essentially ending things with him. He breaks out into man tears—something he does with admirable ease—and says that he would take her back anytime because he loves her and his daughters so much. It’s one of the most real, guttural scenes in recent memory.

By the start of “Teen Mom 2,” Leah recognized that she messed up. When Corey comes over to pick up the girls for the weekend, she invites him in for dinner on the night that would have been their one year anniversary. She gives him a card that read, “You’re the One.” Cue the Corey tears. Did I mention that I love this guy?

When Leah realizes there’s something wrong with daughter Ali’s legs and finds out she will need an MRI, she reaches out to Corey. He’s still stand-offish with her but as they sit in the back of his (new?) truck, he hugs her as she cries. It’s obvious there is still love there. And Tuesday night’s episode showed the two of them finally going on a date to a bowling alley. “So have you missed me?” Leah asked at one point.

“A little bit,” Corey says, though we know he’s lowballing it.

“I believe in you,” Leah says when Corey goes for a spare. “Just like I believe in us.”

Later in the episode, on the 4th of July, Corey takes Leah boating under the fireworks. It’s 10 steps beyond adorable.

If you’ve watched the season trailer for “Teen Mom 2″ (I’m pasting it below, just in case), you know that Leah and Corey will soon get back together for real and get married in a tear-filled ceremony. That truly warms my heart. What I find so amazing about them is that even though they are young and in a totally impossible situation—especially once they realize that baby Ali has medical problems—they give each other so much support. They come together in situations that would send most people running from each other and have a sense of being permanently tied to each other, in a good way.

What I’m trying to say is—I love Leah and Corey. They give me faith in the power of two people to create a life together, no matter what bumps are in the road. I very much hope they’ll be together for the long haul.