Today’s Lady News: Breast Implants Linked To Cancer

  • Breast implants, both saline and silicone, have been linked to lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, the FDA has announced. Lymphoma is not breast cancer, but it did develop around the scars left by the implants. [New York Times]
  • Anti-abortion extremist Randall Terry — he runs Operation Rescue — has announced that he will challenge President Obama next year for the Democratic presidential nomination. Good luck with that. [CNN]
  • Spanx for pregnant women sound … dangerous. [Globe and Mail]

  • Happy 67th birthday (yesterday) to black studies academic Angela Davis! Let’s review the past four decades of her work. [Colorlines]
  • Arkansas’ Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee advanced a bill that would require women seeking health insurance coverage for abortion to pay extra by purchasing a “rider” to their plan. [CNBC]
  • Krystal Ball — the former Congressional candidate whose embarrassing private photos were posted to the Internet by those who were trying to smear her — has a new website up that encourages other young women like her to get into politics. [Girl With Pen]
  • Tech entrepreneur Jessica Livingston addresses what is holding women back from doing their own start-ups. [Founders At Work]
  • Sarah Baker, age 33, of Alexandria, Ohio, is walking from Ohio to Louisiana in support of oil conservation. []
  • Brisenia Flores, age nine, was killed recently in Arizona when members of an anti-immigration group, claiming to be law enforcement officers, broke into her parents’ house. Brisenia ‘s mom was also shot during the home invasion, but played dead. [Feministing]


  • Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is hoping to raise $500 million over two years for UN Women, a new agency which she heads. [AP]
  • Does this news story out of the Davos conference “pitting wives vs. mistresses vs. aspiring mistresses” piss anyone else off? Seriously, it’s a conference filled with the most brilliant people in the world and women are being reduced to wives or mistresses? [CNBC]
  • The UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May has publicly chastised MP Dominic Raab — who recently accused feminists of “obnoxious bigotry” and suggested men are the real victims — and accused him of fueling “gender warfare.” [BBC]
  • Women are playing a role in the revolution in Tunisia. [NPR]

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